RainWater Cambodia!

has assisted over 300,000 people to access safer drinking water

RainWater Cambodia office
#11A Street. Lum (02),CPC Village
Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan San Sok Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
+ 855 (0)23 630 4030

WASH Design and Product Development

Through our skills and expertise, a certain amount of WASH facilities are designed and tested before mobilizing to the community. Technical studies have been conducted through links with student from Australia via Engineer Without Border for a better outcome of product mobilization through the country. In RWC workshop, many tools can be used to produce many types of sanitation facilities and rain water harvesting facilities.

RWC has worked as a consultant on several sanitation and hygiene projects with various organisations, including;

  • World Toilet Organization (WTO) – Design and Construction of pour flush latrines.
  • University of North Carolina (UNC) – Collaboration with the UNC for a study on the perception of villagers in the design of hand washing devices and promotion of hand washing.
  • GIZ – Fit For School Program was supported by RWC for WASH facilities design, construction and engagement of school supporting committee members and the district office of education youth and sport on participatory design approaches. There were eight (8) different types of WASH facilities installed and still in use.
  • SNV – Sanitation hardware consultancy with RWC providing support to local small and medium enterprises for appropriate construction techniques and the design of upgradable latrines, in particular for the super structures where several structure options were developed that are feasible and suitable for the communities needs and preferences.
  • Live and Learn Environmental Education – Consultancy for ecological sanitation marketing in a floating community, with RWC supporting Live and Learn on the supply side through research and product development for the eco-san latrine, demand creation through sales events and CLTS in the floating communities on Tonle Sap.

RWC has an office located within Phnom Penh, our own workshop and skilled technicians that can construct WASH facilities including rainwater harvesting systems, Easy Latrine and hand washing stations. Through our long term partnership with Engineers without Borders Australia (EWB), our in-country WASH Advisor works closely with RWC engineers and Technical Unit to further design and refine our WASH facilities to be more suitable for different consumers, levels of investment and challenging areas including high water table, hard rock and flood prone areas.