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Loca Valentea

volunteer2We have hosted a number of student researchers and volunteers from different countries who have worked with us across a variety of collaborative projects. A typical research project may involve a student being in Cambodia for at least one month while conducting field-data collection and analysis but it all depends on your level of involvement and area of research. We always pair our international students with a Cambodian student to ensure that your research project stays on track and to help with any translation issues. This also ensures a good cultural exchange and allows our local students and staff to be exposed to an international standard of research methodology and to improve their technical english language skills.

International student research placements are normally organised through your university department and in collaboration with your supervisor to ensure that the maximum benefit for everyone is achieved. It is expected that you would be self funding for the duration of your time in Cambodia and this would include any costs associated with document translation, data collection and transport to and from the field.

We are particularly interested to hear from Masters or PhD level students wanting to carry out longer term research projects (3 months +) looking into the health and financial impact of our work. This data is vital in order to evaluate past and current projects and enable our future programmes to be better designed to make more impact. Project evaluation will also strengthen future bids for donor funds. The information you gather will make a real impact in the lives of some of Cambodia's poorest people.

As you can see from the picture in this section there are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in the hands-on aspects of our work if you want to!