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Gift of Life

This programme is designed for people who are interested in sponsoring a specific aspect of our work such as installing a rain water harvesting system for a household or school. There are also smaller items that can be purchased and these are listed below. All sponsors will receive an email - once the item they have purchased is delivered - which will include who received it, a description of where it was installed and a photograph of the actual location. If you would like to donate any of the items listed below to a worthy recipient please use the contact us page.

Hand Pump

A simple and easy to maintain hand operated pump.

Installed cost - $20

water filter Ceramic water filter

These ceramic water filters made by RDIC are a tested and proven way to treat poor quality water - lasts at least 2 years in the field.

Installed cost - $10


Treadle Pump

More comfortable to use for long periods of time than the hand pump and able to pump larger amounts of water - the treadle pump is a favourite of gardners throughout Cambodia.

Installed cost - $40

bicycle pump Bicycle pump

Our most comfortable, versatile and powerful pump - very useful for larger systems, especially when a header tank is used.

Installed cost - $100


Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Toilet

Approximately 85% of Cambodians do not have access to a toilet and the associated health problems are predictable and often tragic. This item represents a fantastic investment for the health and well being of an entire family. The design of the toilet prevents bad smells and flies from affecting the user while the concrete rings under the ground prevent the heavy wet season rains from damaging the system.

Installed cost - $120

easylat Pour-flush "Easy Latrine

This latrine developed by IDE is a very simple design made from cement mortar. It is cheap and affordable for even the poorest families and has seen huge uptake in recent years. Cement rings form a soak away septic tank and a slab and chamber form the above-ground component. Shelter options are available starting from around US$30.

Installed cost - $40 plus shelter

jumbo jar Jumbo jar (3,000 litres), roof materials and guttering

Three thousand litres of water storage represents the minimum standard that the Department of Rural Water Supply has mandated for the average family - approximately five people. This provides only enough water for drinking and cooking and the householder needs to carefully control how much water is used in order to outlast the four month long dry season. Other water must still be collected from potentially polluted sources for washing, cleaning, gardening and animal husbandary.

Installed cost - $165


concrete ring tanks Concrete ring tank (5,000 litres), roof materials and guttering

While the minimum standard for household storage is 3,000 litres for drinking and cooking, RainWater Cambodia strongly recommends that a larger system is installed if this is financially possible. Our 5,000 litre concrete ring tanks provide more lee-way if the weather is unusally hot or the dry season extends for longer than normal. Of course, other water must still be collected from potentially polluted sources for washing, cleaning, gardening and animal husbandary.

Installed cost - $230-$350


health centre Health centre system with ferrocement tank (5,000 litres)

When someone comes to visit a health centre it is essential that clean, high quality water is available. This helps to prevent the further spread of disease and directly impacts on women's health. This is because a small health centre is often where Cambodian women give birth under difficult conditions and with limited access to medecine and anesthetics. The staff also really appreciate having clean water to drink and is one of the few luxuries they can enjoy on a government salary of approximately $40 per month.

Installed cost - $800


School School system with ferrocement tank (25,000 litres)

During Summer in Cambodia temperatures often reach over 35 degrees with very high humidity levels. Classrooms are very basic without even a fan and by break time everyone is ready to cool off. We provide for this by supplying watertanks and tap stands that allow everyone to get their fair share of clean water. Depending on the donor other options such as hand washing facilities and water for pour flush toilets can be provided. The toilets in particular can make a huge difference to the attendence rate for girls, especially once they reach high school age. Providing high quality drinking water at the school not only keeps students happy while at school but as students take the "safe water" message home it is spread through the wider community.

Installed cost - $1,500