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Improved Bicycle Pump

Improved Bicycle Pump

bicycle pump1-Improved Bicycle Pump

There are a number of different styles and types of pumps available on the market and we wanted to concentrate on improving a design that was already available in Cambodia. Bicycle pumps were already in circulation but our market research indicated that people really wanted to face the pump when they were operating it. Seeing the clean water flowing proved to be a valuable incentive!

Building on the principle of the exercise bike RainWater Cambodia developed a design that could be locally manufactured, looks good and is comfortable to operate. By combining the new seating arrangement with an off the shelf pump housing we improved the overall reliability of the system by allowing a human to generate the power needed to move the

water from tank to header tank. Great moral support for a lady who is giving birth inside the Health centre- having her husband outside pumping the clean water for her! With a few simple adjustments the new arrangement can even take advantage of the back wheel of a motorbike if no other source of power is available