RainWater Cambodia!

has assisted over 300,000 people to access safer drinking water

RainWater Cambodia office
#11A Street. Lum (02),CPC Village
Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan San Sok Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
+ 855 (0)23 630 4030

Welcome to RainWater Cambodia

2-sept-2006-012-smallRainWater Cambodia was established in October 2003 through a collaboration of Cambodian and foreign nationals. Their common bond was a concern for the health of people in Cambodia, especially women and children. Access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation are clear priorities for improved health and that is why RainWater Cambodia focuses on these areas. Wherever possible we build on the strengths of traditional practices - such as rain water collection - but do so in a way which manages the risks associated with traditional methods such as preventing mosquitoes from breeding in the tank and preventing contamination from humans and animals.

To date we estimate that RainWater Cambodia has assisted over 100,000 people to access safer drinking water through formalised rainwater harvesting!

RainWater Cambodia operates as a non-government, not for profit organisation which does not serve the interests of any political party. RainWater Cambodia was established according to the requirements of the Royal Government of Cambodia and has been registered with the appropriate Government departments. We have also recently received NGO GPP certification which provides an even higher level of confidence for our donors and partners who continue to support our work.